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We have stopped accepting applications from foreign countries. Thank you very much.


We, Tenku Shinatoya have just launched a new team called “RED ASIA”, and we will participate in the “66th Yosakoi Festival”, which is to be held at Kochi-city, Japan on August 10th and 11th 2019.
This year’s Yosakoi Festival’s date is very unusual: Both days are in the weekend, and the following Monday is a consecutive holiday. It is a perfect opportunity for those within and outside of Japan to experience this festival in Kochi.
Facing 2020, and also from that year on we think that there will be no stop in the change and development of yosakoi, also internationally.
We hope that all self-produced teams will showcase their unique qualities, and further brighten up the future of yosakoi. We created RED ASIA so that every one of our dancers has the opportunity to do this. We hope this team will guide them into lighting up the path that leads into the bright future of yosakoi.
And, we also hope that RED ASIA will further develop after starting in Kochi 2019.
We are looking for dancers from all over the world. We are awaiting your participation.

Tenku Shinatoya President Director Nobuyuki Nakamura
Tenku Shinatoya Director, Noboru Inoue
*”Tenku Shinatoya Shin” will participate as a separate team from “RED ASIA”.

Details and Application Guidelines

RED ASIA Three Themes

To experience the true charm of ever-evolving yosakoi dance.

To feel the passion, warmth and extraordinary greatness of Kochi yosakoi.

To nurture and connect people who will spread and develop Yosakoi of the future,Yosakoi throughout the country, and Yosakoi overseas.



Music production: Metis

Choreography · Directing: Nobuyuki Nakamura


* Metis herself is scheduled to participate live on the jikatasha (sound truck).
* We will make a “2019 KOCHI” arrangement based on the original version※. We will then distribute practice videos to the participants.
※ This is the choreography which was performed for the first time in Indonesia · Jakarta in 2018.

※ Check out Metis’ song "Mother Hymn" to find out more about the artist.

About the Costume

Costume: Please participate with your own costume, naruko, and footwear.

* By using colorful costumes from all over Japan and the world, and people will dance to SOUL OF FIRE we want to create a “fierce unity”.

* For those who do not have costumes or cannot use costumes due to current affiliation or team circumstances, we will offer a costume for rental. Please mention this upon application (limited availability).

Recruitment target

We are planning to have about 100 healthy men and women regardless of nationality or residence (above junior high school students ~ no upper limit). We will be looking for both domestic and overseas participants.

Yosakoi history and dance history are irrelevant. However, basically you will learn dancing from the video by yourself, so that effort is essential.

We are looking for those who would like to participate in "The 66th Yosakoi Festival · Main Event" (August 10th - 11th).

Those currently belonging to other Yosakoi teams can also participate. However, please be sure to obtain permission from the representative of your team.

Participation conditions for (junior)high-school students:

Students who don’t require accommodation during the festival (such as people living in and around Kochi-city), need permission from their parent and their schools, and will need to act with the same sense of responsibility as adults.

Students who do require accommodation will need to bring an adult (either parents or somebody assigned by the parents) who will look after them during the festival.

Activity Schedule

Friday, August 9, in the afternoon. (Only for those who are able to) practice in the city → watch Zenyasai (Festival eve: The winning teams of last year’s festival perform).

Saturday, August 10, around 9:00. Gather in Kochi-city→ practice → Perform at the main festival!

Sunday, August 11, at 11:00. Gather → Perform at the main festival!

 ※ We plan to have an after party on the 11th after the performances are finished.

 ※ We still haven’t decided about participation on the 12th at the moment, but if we do decide to perform, we would like to ask everyone to participate.

Participation fee

29,000 yen

 * Includes festival participation fee, jikatasha production fee, insurance fee, bus fee, light meal (2 meals x 2 days), water supply / relief expenses (team side preparation).

Recruitment period

Primary recruitment: around February 18, 2019 ~ (planned)

 ※ Participation decisions are not on a first come first serve basis.

 ※ We will close the application when we receive a certain number of applications.

 ※ There is a possibility of secondary recruitment.

How to Apply

1. Please send us the filled out "Tentative application form" at the bottom of this page (Please check your email for the automatically generated message stating we have received your document).


2. We will contact you or the person who applied on behalf of you within 3 days from the day you send the application, giving you more details. At this point, our decision is not yet final.

※ Please be sure to check the settings beforehand so that you can receive mail from "redasia@shinatoya.com". If 3 days passed from the sending of the contact e-mail, if there is a possibility of junk mail setting · receiving setting etc. cause. Please confirm the setting and contact us directly by e-mail to "redasia@shinatoya.com". We can’t be reached by phone.


3. After the end of the recruitment period, we will confirm your intention to participate and decide if you can join us.

About the participation of people who already belong to another team

It is possible. However, please be sure to get permission from the representative of your current team. Also, please be sure to get permission when you plan to participate in a present or past team's costumes. Furthermore, during the 2 days of Yosakoi festival, you cannot dance with another team.

About practice

Basically, you will have to master the dance by yourself, by using the video that we will provide. We would like to hold practice sessions in various places however. We will decide upon this later, based of the location and circumstances of our participants.


RED ASIA hopes to not only to participate in the "66th Yosakoi Festival" but also to connect with festivals and members in Japan and abroad and develop various projects. We will also invite you to participate, so please join us.


Q. I am planning to participate in the national competition (August 12) with my team, can I participate?

A. It is possible. After having enjoyed the real 2 days with full power, please join your team on the 12th.

Q. How do you remember dancing?

A. We will send video and sound sources only to participants, so we will have you remember them individually.

Q. I do not have the confidence to learn dancing by myself ...

A. Participants will register at the member's site of the team in advance and share information. Depending on how the members gather on every location, we would like to hold practice sessions in various places. Of course, you can gather together and do independent trainings and so on, so please join us with your friends.

Q. Can I join Kochi on the morning of August 10?

A. It is possible. The exercises scheduled on the 9th are just optional. Please participate in practice on the 10th morning.

Q. Is it possible to participate only one day?

A. We ask you to participate for two days, but if you can only join for one day no matter what, please feel free to consult with us.

Q. Do we have to arrange for transportation to and accommodation in Kochi by ourselves?

A. Yes, the transportation to the meeting and parting place, and the accommodation place will have to be arranged by yourself. If it is difficult to arrange accommodation by all means, please contact us. We might be able to figure something out. 

Q. I currently belong to another team, can I participate?

A. It is possible. Please be sure to obtain permission from the representative of your team. In addition, during the Yosakoi festival 2 days, you can not dance with your team.

Q. Are you planning to participate in Kochi next year (2020) as well?

A. Currently, we are planning to have this team only for this year (2019). Since we are thinking about new development further, please consider participating in Kochi this year


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